Blake urges Cahill not to join Man Utd

The former Wales international believes Cahill would be better of staying at Bolton.

“Cahill is certainly quicker and probably more mobile than John Terry – Gary has got the lot to be everything you want in a modern centre-half,” he told the Bolton News.

“If Bolton can become a regular top eight side and they’re in the mix, and he can become a regular in the England team, then I’m not sure he should leave.

“But if he leaves, it’s so vital where he goes because it could make or break him.

“If I was him I’d look at somewhere like Liverpool because they’ve got to rebuild and they need young British talent and he’d be a natural for a club looking to progress.

“I don’t think he should go to someone like Manchester United because he would be a victim of squad rotation and I don’t think not playing every week is good for him.”