Boateng: Downing should join Man Utd

He told the Daily Mail: “Stewart has come through the ranks and has actually played for the national team.

“I said to him the other day, you should not be looking at Tottenham, you should be looking at Manchester United.

“I don’t know how long Ryan Giggs can go on for but he would be the ideal replacement because he is good enough.

“If you lose one of your best attacking players to go to Manchester United it is not a shame, because he can make the city and the place he has come from proud and he has done it all.

“It is similar to Jonathan Woodgate, who went to Madrid but is enjoying it here. Madrid could not even get him fit. Here he has been fit and playing all year.

“He is enjoying it. It is a compliment to the club. It is a compliment we can get him fit and the richest club in the world can’t.”