Bologna coach Mihajlovic: We deserved the draw

The match ended in a 1-1 draw. Francesco Totti sent Roma in the lead, but in stoppages Brazilian ace Cicinho scored an own goal and levelled the scores.

“I thank the lads because they proved they are a great side,” said Mihajlovic after the match.

“They fought hard, suffered under pressure and even had more chances than Roma. It was entirely possible to lose against a side like Roma, but at the end it went well.

“The players have increased their confidence and deserved the draw, as if we had lost it would’ve been a hard blow for morale.

“This is the right spirit that I want to see. If you can leave the field at the final whistle with your head held high, then the result doesn’t matter.”

He added: “It was a great feeling and especially to make my debut against a big club where we proved we are not inferior. It was just a shame we conceded that goal.

“The lads did well to get back on track and if we continue with this level of concentration and spirit of sacrifice, then we can go far.

“I was convinced of our potential before the game, but now I am even more.”