Borussia Dortmund boss targets win over Schalke

Klopp insists he only care about getting a result and not the way they get it.

“I’ve been asked for this by all sorts of people in the city. We want to win the game. There is nothing else to say about it otherwise really,” said Klopp on the official Dortmund website.

“We won´t run into their trap, just because it would suit Schalke. It´s going to be a tough fight for every tiny advantage. We want to make it a real derby.

“We are not going to have 11 players in the opposition´s box and invite them to launch counter-attacks. I don´t intend to travel to Schalke to show them how football is played, but only to get a result there. It´s not our job to make a spectacle.

“We certainly were not worse than Schalke in the home match. We were caught on the break once and that was all they needed to win it.”