Bruce backs Man Utd boss’ handling of Rooney

Bruce believes Ferguson wants to protect Rooney by trying keeping him out of the spotlight in recent weeks.

“Sir Alex is the right person to handle it and I find it amazing that we are questioning him and I am convinced he has done it this way to protect the lad,” Bruce said.

“I don’t think Wayne will understand that at the moment because he is young but he will when he looks back on it in later times.

“I am convinced that Sir Alex is doing what he has done many times and that is to protect his big players by trying to keep them out of the spotlight and keep him under the radar if you like and more importantly try to protect him in this way.

“We all know Wayne Rooney is a fantastic footballer and it is the first time in his career that he has had a little blip if you like but make no mistake, he will be back. He is our best talent in this country and it is about time we tried to protect him and look after him.”