Bruce delighted with new budget

Sources claim Bruce could have as much as £80million to spend on new players just this summer.

“I will scour the market and see what’s available,” he told The Journal.

“June tends to be pretty quiet with a lot of managers on their summer break. The jostling for position hasn’t really started yet – but I will scour around before I lie on my sunbed!

“I haven’t had a conversation about how much money there is available, but I have spoken to the owner and he doesn’t want to be involved at the bottom [of the Premier League] again. He did say he will back me.

“I have always been good value for money in the transfer market, and I will always try to be. But I’m looking at players I have never looked at before.

“It’s like shopping in Harrods now, not Tesco.

“I don’t have specific targets just yet, but I do have one or two ideas up my sleeve.”