Butt impressed by Newcastle youngster

He said: “The youngsters here at Newcastle have come in because of the injury situation and there is no doubt about it they have really risen to the challenge.

“What they’ve done is excellent but the hard times start now.

“When you’ve got to do it week-in and week-out, especially in defence because that’s the hardest place to play when you’re a youngster.”

Butt added: “I try to give a bit of advice on the football side of things but I’m not really one to give loads of advice out.

“When I was younger we had senior pros at Old Trafford who liked to talk to you.

“They’d tell you what to do and were really good at it – the likes of Bryan Robson, Steve Bruce, Roy Keane, Mark Hughes, Eric Cantona and Paul Ince.

“They were that type of character. I’m not but if people do come to me I’ll help them.

“I’ll soon be 32 but in football you don’t think of yourself as the old one although I am.

“I mix well with the lads who are 18, 19 but I still think of myself as a youngster. Time certainly flies quickly.”