Capello hails Man Utd star

Capello has experience as a manager from clubs such as AC Milan, Real Madrid, Roma and Juventus.

“Wayne Rooney is one of the best talents that I have ever coached,” said the Italian. “He’s like Raul in that he is a very important player and a big talent.

“Every time Rooney trains he wants to learn and wants to stay on that training pitch for as long as possible.

“It is really important for other players to see that Rooney, one of the best players in the world, wants to stay on the pitch and wants to continue to learn.”

“Obviously it’s a very different job being a national manager rather than a club manager,” he continued.

“The pressure is bigger as England manager. The country expects a lot and the fans believe a lot in the team.

“As a club manager you can work with your players every day, you can train to improve and study what happened and why in between each game.

“As England manager I can do a lot of in-depth preparation and then there’s an injury and everything I have prepared is for nothing.”