Capello: Messi is better than Ronaldo and Robben

Capello believes Messi is ‘Maradona’s successor’ in his home country.

Capello told Sport: “He can do incredible things and is an exceptional player. He is Maradona’s successor.”

The former Real Madrid coach also claimed that neither Cristiano Ronaldo or Arjen Robben ‘has the talent that Messi has’.

He added: “The two of them are great players, but nobody in the world has the talent that Messi has.”

He continued on Barcelona: “They are playing well, with their traditional style. They pass the ball around well because they have the players for that. They are a very good team, but if they are the best or not I do not know.

“I think that Barca will progress to the next round [of the Champions League], but after that each tie will be very even.”