Capello: There are no answers for the way Real Madrid played

Capello said after the game: “There are no answers for the way we played. Yesterday, I told my players that a game just before the holidays is always dangerous. And that’s what happened.

“This team didn’t at all resemble the one that defeated Espanyol on Sunday. They [Recreativo] played well and deserved to win. I think we were invisible out there. There’s no way this can be a team. Something happened, but we have to forget about losing and think about our next match.

“I don’t know what happened. [Assistant] Toni Grande and I were talking on the bench and didn’t know what to do. We had to change the entire eleven. It wasn’t possible.

“It’s unexplainable. We lacked heart, strength, and quality. This same thing can’t happen to another 14 players. Something was going on in their heads. It wasn’t a question of the style of play, it was all in our heads.

“I have a lot running through my mind and am analysing things. I told the players one thing: to control their weight during the vacations, and ‘Merry Christmas’. When a team plays like they did today, we have to assess the situation and speak about it calm manner.”