Cardiff boss targets top spot

Cardiff are currently six points behind Championship leaders QPR.

“We’re chasing down top spot. If we can get the victory we want, we have still got QPR to come here and it puts us that step closer to what we all want,” Jones said.

“You aim for the top and if you can’t finish top you finish second, and so on.

“I remember going to Southampton in the Premier League and I was told finishing fourth from bottom was a fantastic achievement.

“When I said I wanted to finish top people looked at me as if I was stupid.

“Everybody knew I wasn’t going to win the league but you aim for the top – you don’t aim for fourth from bottom. You have got to have a goal, a dream and an aim.

“It doesn’t mean you are going to achieve it but you have got to keep striving for it.

“We have never given up on anything here.”