Charlton’s Young: This is probably the biggest game I’ve ever played in

He told The Sun: “This is probably the biggest game I’ve ever played in.

“We’re all aware of the significance with Curbs coming back on and off the pitch. I owe him everything for where I am now.

“He was instrumental in my career. He came and spent a lot of money on me, £3million, and gave me my first big chance. I remember when I signed he said I would need a whole year playing in a position to develop and he was patient enough to do that with me.

“He gave me the captaincy and I will always thank him for that.

“But, of course, come Saturday afternoon I won’t be too bothered about that. All I’ll be thinking about is doing my job for Charlton and trying to win the game.

“It’s ironic the way it’s come around, but that’s life.

“If I was sitting mid-table with Charlton then maybe I could have a little bit of sympathy for Curbs and the position he’s in.

“But with the situation we’re in, it wouldn’t be right if I felt sorry for him.

“We’ve just got to think about our own plight and how to address that.”