Chelsea boss hails Malouda

The Blues won 4-1 over the Hammers at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Ancelotti told Sky Sports: “He (Malouda) was the best player on the pitch today.

“He scored a fantastic goal, did a fantastic assist for the first goal and the second goal for Didier.”

“We scored four goals and it was an important performance for us to improve our confidence,” he added.

“In this period it is very important to have confidence because every game is important, every game can decide the future.

“I think the first half we played well. It was unlucky because West Ham broke with a fantastic shot from distance.

“But we played well and we wanted to maintain balance, we wanted to maintain confidence in our play.

“We did in the second half because we scored the second goal and had good control of the game until the end of the match.”

Chelsea moved to the top of the Premier League table after the victory over West Ham as Manchester United do not play until Sunday.

Ancelotti said: “There will be a long race to win this title.

“There are strong teams – Manchester United, Arsenal – so we have to maintain our confidence and we have to maintain our play.”

“We want to play our best every game.

“I knew very well that in England there are very strong teams, but we have stayed in the top for eight months and we want to stay until the end of the season.”