Chelsea boss Mourinho: Blackburn played well

Chelsea remain six points behind Premiership leaders Manchester United.

Mourinho said: “I thought Blackburn played well. They are aggressive, I like aggressive teams.

“But we could have scored five or six goals. They are organized and they could have scored too.

“It was a good performance, but a dangerous performance. Dangerous because we missed a lot of chances and Blackburn were dangerous.

“Blackburn played with a good attitude – a lot of attacking players – so they always looked like they could score and when we miss so many chances it is uncomfortable; you never feel that the job is done so only the second goal gave us the feeling that the came is over.

“We played well. We created a lot of chances but maybe a 4-1 or 5-2 would be a result more adapted to the reality of the game.”

He added: “I am not looking down to see where Liverpool are in the table I am looking up to Manchester United.

“Andriy Shevchenko was brilliant tonight. He did things he wasn’t doing before. It was his best game for Chelsea. He was fighting for the ball, he was strong and always in the right place to be dangerous.”