Chelsea boss Mourinho concerned with disadvantage against Valencia

Mourinho said: “Of course I am concerned. Last night I watched Valencia and I analysed what they have to do until they play against us.

“They play only two matches – both at home. The have two complete weeks to train properly, tactically and train with a big game in mind.

“During the international period I will have Carlo Cudicini and Hilario – nobody else. Valencia have a couple of Spanish players in the national team and a Portuguese right-back in the national team.

“So in the next three-and-a-half weeks, my players have to play Premiership against Manchester City, Sheffield United and Watford, Tottenham in the FA Cup and two international matches. So they have to play six matches, Valencia have to play two.

“So of course it worries me not just because of injuries, players get tired. As a manager, I cannot do my work. When they come back from international duty, we play Watford in two days and then Valencia a few days after that. It is very difficult.”