Chelsea boss Mourinho hits out at Arsenal’s Wenger

Mourinho said on Wenger: “If at this moment in the season Chelsea were out of the four competitions, I would imagine we would be in a difficult situation.”

He also said: “Arsenal are very clever in their approach. Here, we don’t have a political approach to things. I am not a politician. We are not politicians.

“You win you win, you lose you fail. We are not so philosophical. We don’t protect ourselves. It is a club without a big history that has a new owner with ambitions and who brings in people not afraid to fail and who assume clearly the targets and desires.

“If we don’t reach them we have no excuses, we just accept it in a sports way. If Chelsea were out of the four competitions at this moment in the season we would be in a difficult situation but I give credit to those people with this approach.

“It’s a good quality but I don’t have it. I’m not saying 20 times that against Porto we finished the game with three boys of 20 years old. We are not this kind of people. If they are 18, 19, 20 or 34 is not the point. If we play very, very, very, very good and don’t win is not the point.

“We have a direct approach to win and we suffer the consequences of that when things are not going well.”