Chelsea boss Mourinho: Title race is not over

Mourinho said: “Ferguson must be happy now because we can say we dropped two points but if he thinks it’s over he’s in trouble because it’s not.

“We are here for the fight and I enjoy the fight. It is better to be in front but let’s chase them – we can do it.

“On Wednesday – no disrespect to Newcastle – I think I will be here saying the points difference is five.

“It is a difference but that is not much of a difference in a long Premiership.

“The first step is the five-point difference and after that we will enjoy it. We showed we are not afraid of them and we can beat them at Stamford Bridge.”

He added: “Because of the way they controlled the game in the first half, I am happy to settle for a draw.

“In the first half, they controlled possession and played with more quality and confidence but I don’t remember a single shot.

“It was a bit of a surprise for a team behind the leaders not to come here to win but just to go for the draw.

“In the last period we had big chances to win but we didn’t.”