Chelsea launch £16m legal fight over Mikel

A Chelsea statement read: “It is for the entire £16m fee paid for the player as it is now clear following Andersen’s conviction that the transfer was based on the fraudulent misrepresentation that Mikel had an employment contract with Lyn.

“At the time of the transfer, Chelsea, Lyn and Manchester United agreed that the fees paid would be in final settlement of the transfer, any claims related to it and that no further action or comment regarding the transfer would be made.

“Chelsea has written to Lyn to make clear that because the transfer was based on a fraudulent misrepresentation, now proven by a court of law, the settlement previously agreed is not binding.

“Chelsea is in contact with Lyn and looks forward to working positively with them to resolve the claim promptly.

“Chelsea would like to make clear that this legal action is against Lyn and Morgen Andersen.”