Chelsea star warns Man Utd striker

Drogba is keen on trumping the Manchester United striker and finish as top scorer this season.

Drogba declared to The Sun: “I want to be the top scorer in England. I want to make sure people remember ‘Drogba the Warrior’ in this campaign.

“My absence at the African Nations Cup could end up being decisive. It gave an advantage to Wayne and my other rivals. But I warn them I shall be fighting until the very last match.”

Drogba added: “The race between myself and Rooney will be beautiful and it’s my objective to arrive at the finishing post first. I don’t think about the exact number of goals I shall need. But it will be necessary for me to pass 30 if I am to be the No 1 – and this is possible.

“Rooney is a big forward and playing at a really high level. But there are still many matches to go and I intend to soar above him in the goal stakes.

“It seems I’m always fighting against Manchester United players in this respect. Cristiano Ronaldo was not 10 per cent a striker but scored from a lot of free-kicks and penalties and they gave him many goals.

“Wayne is different to him but always scores and there is so much merit in his play.

“My own big target this year is to win the Treble – the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup.

“This is not easy to achieve but I am so ambitious and believe Chelsea can do it.

“We are well-placed in the championship race and, if we can manage our situation in the other competitions, we won’t fail there either.

“Cardiff are in a lower division but we know the FA Cup can produce surprises. So we prepare for this match as if it was against a Premier League team. We are prohibited from failing at Stamford Bridge this season.”