Chelsea’s Lampard: Title race can benefit England’s Euro2008 campaign

Lampard said: “Because there are so many players in this England squad who are very focused on the title race, that can definitely benefit England.

“In the situation that we and United are both in, we can’t afford to lose any games.

“It’s like we’ve had three cup finals in the last week at Chelsea. That’s how we’ve approached our schedule recently.

“Now we’ve two cup finals coming up with England.

“When you develop that kind of mentality, you can’t really switch it off.

“Players from both Chelsea and United are winning a lot of games and we’ve got to carry that forward into our England performances.

“It’s good to bring confidence to England from our club form and it’s a slight break from the intense pressure of chasing four trophies in all to the different pressure of playing for a place at Euro 2008.”