Chelsea’s Mourinho: I have no problems with Gallas

Mourinho told The Sun as promotion for Children’s Cancer Awareness Month, a campaign run by CLIC Sargent, the UK’s top children’s cancer charity: “The Gallas situation was not an issue between the player and the manager. It was between the player and the club. If Gallas wants to be an honest man, Gallas would say I supported him all the way since we met on the first day.

“I was very supportive of him and he gave me a lot in change. He gave me a high level of performance not just to me to the team. He was ready to play in any position and never complained. People can say what they say but he never complained about the position he was playing and he knows I rate him as one of the best defenders in the world.

“He knows I did my best to try and keep him at the club so if he wants to be honest he has to say that from the first day until the contract problems which were out of my hands the relationship was very very good and I had in my hands one of the best players.

“What happened after that was a consequence of problems. I don’t speak about what happened specifically about refusing to play or own goals because I feel I shouldn’t. If he’s honest he has to say that personally the relationship between me and him he had no problems.”