Chelsea’s Terry trying to stay positive ahead of Andorra clash

The Chelsea captain said: “We are where we are in the table and if we don’t start winning, we are not going to qualify. But that’s not even worth thinking about.

“We are not going to start thinking ‘we are not going to qualify’. That’s no way to start thinking, no way to have the atmosphere in and around the squad, and I won’t let that happen.

“We will assess things. We will try to take the positives from Saturday. We will look at the game again and try to take as many positives as we can – if there are any.

“On Saturday evening we were flat after the result. There was no point anyone speaking or having an argument after the game because it will have fallen on deaf ears.

“We have to absorb and reflect on what happened. We are trying to pinpoint why things aren’t happening.”

Terry admitted: “Wednesday’s game is vital and it’s about three points, simple as that. It is not about how many can we score and how many can we beat them by.

“It’s about picking up three points and that’s the message I’m going to try and get across.”