Cisse targets Stoke win

Cisse scored the opening goal in their 2-1 victory at the Stadium of Light on Saturday.

He told the Sunderland Echo: “We didn’t panic. We knew this was our day. We controlled the game and we knew that if we kept playing our football then the winning goal would come.

“Now we have to go to Stoke on Wednesday and perform just as well again.

“We know that winning the derby is huge for our fans, but it will not feel so good if we do not perform at Stoke.”

He added: “I think I said before the game that I really didn’t know much about the derby with Newcastle – but I know now!

“I don’t think I have played in too many atmospheres like that in my career. It was red hot. We are lucky people to be able to play in a game like that. It is what makes being a professional football such a privilege.

“The fans on Saturday were special – magnifique!

“I have played at other clubs where the fans’ heads would have dropped if we conceded a goal like we did, but our fans just got louder and it was their win.”