Clark wants to become Newcastle boss

Clark said: “I have set myself targets and goals throughout my career, and the ultimate one is to manage Newcastle United.

“I will do everything I can to make that happen and, as long as I keep learning, I believe it will.

“Glenn promised to show me the ropes and he has done that. He knows what my ultimate goal is. I want to be a manager and to manage Newcastle one day and he has been brilliant with me.

“He has shown me how to deal with agents and the media and I could not be with better people to learn my trade.

“I’m enjoying it immensely. Working with the manager is a great opportunity and he has shown a lot of confidence in me as a coach. That is great for me and the fact that we have someone here of the quality of Nigel has helped enormously.

“He has worked at the highest level inside the FA and has completed every badge. He assesses the coaches who want to become coaches, so to work with someone like him is fantastic for me. This year has been superb for me.”