Confidence is back – Vidic

But Vidic admits they started to worry following their poor start to the season.

“We didn’t start well in the first few games and when you don’t have a good start you worry about what might happen,” Vidic told the Daily Mirror.

“You begin to think, ‘If we lose one more game we could be out of the Premier League’.

“It’s something at the back of your mind and you feel the pressure. When you have that you get worried about what you might do in a game.

“But when you start to win, that brings the confidence back and when you are winning and scoring goals, like we are now, the confidence starts to flow.

“We’ve started to look like a team again, compact and with the right shape.

“I feel we’ve definitely got more now than last season. I believe we can be better, but we can only show that on the pitch. Then you will see how much we improve. And at the end of the season, we can say we did.”