Corradini ready for Juventus debut

He said: “After six years of working close to the first team, it is very satisfying for me to Coach Juventus.

“I have everything to lose and little to gain, but I am not interested. For a moment I even thought I might be a candidate for permanent replacement, as after all I have done the hard graft and know the club very well.

“I spent two years on the bench with Capello and then consultant to Deschamps. I spoke to Didier after his resignation and it was a major surprise for all of us, as nobody expected such a departure.

“My first game as Coach of Juventus will be a very special experience. After all these years I think I have gained the necessary experience to aim for a senior job of my own and I am content to start from Serie B.”

He added: “I’ve had enough of being a right-hand man. Now I feel ready to go out on my own. In six years at Juventus alongside three great winning Coaches, each different in their own way, I have learned so much. I had the chance to follow Capello to Real Madrid, but I think I made the right decision.”