Crespo blasts Inter

But Crespo refuse to blame Jose Mourinho.

The former Chelsea striker has played for only 21 minutes so far this season.

“I am not angry with Mourinho. He is a great Coach, it’s just that my case should’ve been dealt with better, there’s no doubt about that,” he told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Nobody explained to me the reasons behind my exclusion from the Champions League side. I am not a kid and can understand things.

“I train every day, put the effort in and try to get the attention of the Coach. Then he makes the choices and I respect them, because that’s the way I was taught.

“I have never dreamed of protesting against a tactician’s decisions and I’m not going to start now. Having said that, I would like to play a few more minutes of football.”

He added: “I like Mourinho, he is a great teacher of football, just like Marcelo Bielsa was for me in Argentina. Bielsa was less of a showman than Mourinho, but they have similar characteristics in that they continually rehearse movements and tactics.

“Mourinho isn’t my ideal Coach, no, but he is good. My ideal tactician, and everyone knows it, is Carlo Ancelotti. I have a rapport with him that goes beyond football. I like the way he faces each situation and treats the squad after every win or a defeat.”