Delio Rossi warns Lazio fans

Rossi said: “The derby is a special game and I noticed the extent of the tension that was gripping the team. It’s a shame, as we put in a good performance and in these situations one incident can decide it,” he said of the 1-0 defeat to Roma.

“Four or five of our players were in their first derby and that can freeze you a little bit. I have no logical explanation for our tension, as we were playing in a situation that was favourable for us.

“The foreign players know the derby in Rome is different to any other city. You feel it in the streets all year round.”

The Biancocelesti were favourites to win the match.

He continued: “We must evaluate what we have done throughout the campaign. This is a very important match for the Lazio environment, but you cannot throw away everything we have achieved so far for the sake of one game.”