Drogba could quit Chelsea if Mourinho leaves

Drogba has just recently signed a new £100,000-per-week contract with Chelsea.

He told The Sun: “It is clear to the players that our bad results have only one explanation: The poor atmosphere around the club. It’s not rocket science or a big secret.

“As long as everybody is not on the same wavelength, the team will keep on struggling. Speaking personally I simply cannot understand why we have put ourselves in such a difficult situation.

“If people dismiss what I’m saying as keeping in with Mourinho then they are wrong. I know what I owe him and so do men like John Terry and Frank Lampard.

“The gaffer improved us as players and we have to support him now. If he was to leave, it’s not the case that I would just follow him blindly. But this is a man who made me come here, improved me as a player, helped me win trophies and who also extended my contract.

“I wouldn’t simply follow him anywhere but if he left and wanted me then I’d only have to ask myself a few questions.”

The Ivory Coast ace added: “It’s clear some people in England don’t like him, but without Mourinho Chelsea simply wouldn’t be where they are now.

“In fact the Premiership also owes him. The boss’ provocative edge has also given a new lease of life to this league.

“Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are fine coaches but they will never be as ‘box-office’ as Jose Mourinho.

“If you are around him everyone has fun – he’s been fresh, new but, above all, talented.”