Drogba: My best goal ever

Drogba told the Mirror: “It was probably the best goal I’ve ever scored – but for sure it was the most important goal I’ve ever scored.

“The goals we got were special, not just mine, but Frank Lampard’s as well, because it was as good as mine.

“Maybe, given how far out we both were, we could count ourselves lucky they went in.

“But the way we won that match, when everything was against us, showed we believe in our destiny.

“It told everyone we can win any game right until the final minute, that we have that in us. If there were any doubts, we answered them on Sunday.”

He added: “We knew that to lose points and give United the chance to open up the gap would not have been great for us.

“At the start of the second half we came out very strong. We were absolutely dominating and hit the post after we got level for the first time but then we had a lapse and let them in with a few set-pieces.

“It meant we were at a crucial stage of the season, where it was starting to get edgy. The Christmas period is very important and this was basically the start of that.”