England legend Shilton: I wouldn’t trust Robinson and James

Shilton said: “There has to be a doubt about both keepers.

“Steve McClaren knows he’s got to put someone in there whose confidence is high.

“But at the moment Paul’s confidence won’t be as high as it should be and I see things that he could improve upon.

“We all know he has a lot of ability but he keeps making these silly errors.

“Like all sports, if you have one or two weaknesses they show up and sometimes, especially on crosses, he doesn’t always give himself the best chance from a positional point of view.

“Against Germany he anticipated the cross for their first goal before it was played.

“He started to move out before the ball came over and there’s no need for that.

“With certain crosses he’s OK but on others he’s a bit iffy. He is a very good goalkeeper but there are things that let him down occasionally.

“It’s tough because the knives are out and we have to beat Israel and Russia next month.

“People talk about bringing David James back but he is very similar to Paul.

“He can be terrific but has the odd rush of blood to the head.

“We saw that in the second half against Germany when he came out for one he shouldn’t have. I’m not sure if mentally he tries to do something different at times. He let one through his legs on Saturday. David’s done exceptionally well for Portsmouth but there’s always a question mark over him.”