Everton signing Howard slams Man Utd boss Ferguson

Howard joined Everton on a permanent deal from Manchester United, after being on-loan at the club since the start of the season.

He told The International Herald Tribune: “I was disappointed in the season. I think if you look back, if everyone was really truthful about the situation, that’s not really the way to handle it.

“Pulling me, taking myself out, taking Roy Carroll out, it wasn’t good for Roy and it wasn’t good for me. It wasn’t good for the club was it?

“When you look across the board at any goalkeeper in the Premiership, for those people who follow it closely enough, you’ll see every week there’s a goalkeeper who doesn’t play very well.

“It doesn’t mean he gets taken out. You know what I mean? Because there’s 38 games, 40 games, and it ebbs and flows. Sometimes you play really well. Other times, you don’t play really good. That was a tough way for things to be handled.”