Everton will not sell

The Toffees are currently in sixth place in the Premier League.

“Five or six of our players are right at the top of their game at the moment,” he said.

“Is it going to be a case of people trying to take them away in the summer? It won’t because they are all under contract and we won’t sell.

“One thing that we can say at Everton is that we are not sellers, apart from in the very early days of my time here.

“And despite the money in the game now, I think we can continue to go down that line because the board know that that is my remit.

“The only way you build a team and stabilise is by keeping your players and not using that revolving door.

“If we are honest, a lot of the players here now will say they have found a home that is suited to them maximising their potential.

“In years to come, they might just look back and say that those few years at Everton were fantastic, the best of their career.

“The grass isn’t always greener and at the moment, this is an up-and-coming football club and we are still trying to lift it.”