Everton’s Van der Meyde: I need more games

The Dutchman he told evertonTV: “I am pleased with how it is has gone recently. It is a case of keeping fit and playing games. That is difficult sometimes if you get little injuries but it is important to keep playing to be totally fit.

“My new challenge is to make sure when my name is in stories it is not about something else and it is about football. I cannot show the supporters now the real van der Meyde because at the moment I can only play well for an hour and then the engine needs filling up. That is why I need more games and I know the fans expect a lot of me. I want to give them the best of me but if the tank is empty it is hard.

“That is why I need more games. Next season is when they will the best of me. I want to get more games now and do my best but I am looking forward to next season when I can start from the beginning and play the whole season rather than missing half. That is what I want to show the fans.”