Evra: It has been tough

The 25-year-old was signed from Monaco for £6million in January, and is now showing signs that he is over his tough start at the club.

Evra told The Sun: “For about six months I barely played after arriving completely unprepared for making my debut against Manchester City.

“That led me to call everything about myself into question. I remember on several occasions telling myself I was worthless or I was a good for nothing.

“I felt like I arrived as an international but that I still had to learn a completely new profession in English football.

“It was about me adapting to the Manchester United way because it could never be the other way round.

“But it is only now that I can admit I’m able to sleep well at night and I can eat properly.

“It has been tough but the process has made me tougher. I have learned about myself as a man and also as a footballer.

“United are a club where you have to be prepared to make sacrifices and that kept me going.

“If it had not been for some of my team-mates then I might not have made it through — particularly as my family found the move from Monaco to Manchester to be an enormous cultural and social change.

“But I think that I have integrated and played well this season. I’ve learned something new every day and I love the fact it is so demanding.

“Victory is an obligation when you play for United and I love that kind of pressure.”