Experience key for United

He says United know how best to win a tight game late on.

“I believe this year the title at Man United, if they make it, is really down to experience,” Wenger said. “What I mean by that is that on Monday night against Blackburn, when [Ryan] Giggs came on [in the 63rd minute], you thought: ‘They can only win it now because they know how to deal with the money time.’ That means the last 15 minutes in football when it is 0-0. Don’t make a mistake. They have that security at the back. They have won so many titles because they are not nervous.

“Basically for Man City, it is away from home because they have been outstanding at home. It is away from home they have lost a little bit. Man United is surprisingly there in a comfortable position. No one expected them to be. They didn’t look absolutely irresistible this year and you could see that again at Blackburn. But they managed to win the game [with two late goals].”