Fans fight Torres move

By Adam Roy
Written for

Liverpool may have to wait a little longer for Fernando Torres.

After reports of Torres possible twenty five million-pound move to Liverpool became public, Atletico Madrid supporters revolted, launching a public protest against the sale of Atletico’s home-grown phenom. The public pressure has forced Atletico to postpone the deal until after the 23 year-old footballer returns from vacation on July 10th.

While this situation would be difficult for any club to tread, it is especially challenging for Atletico. After spending years playing second fiddle to Madrid’s more successful and wealthy team, Real Madrid, the club is finding it difficult to turn down an opportunity to put such an astronomical amount of cash in its coffers.

At the same time, the team’s image as honest champions of the working class, one which it has held since its years under Francisco Franco, has hampered its ability to close this transaction. Many fans see it as treason to sell the energetic striker, a Madrid native who has supported Atletico since his childhood.

It is widely believed that Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has set his personal agent to work on the deal.