Fergie relieved with win

Fergie has branded the game as one of the best derbies of all time.

“What can you say. We have thrown three goals away at them,” he told Sky Sports News.

“It could have been an embarrassment today. It could have been six or 7-0 if we had defended our proper way, our normal way, we could have won by a big score today.

“But by making mistakes was an essence of the game it became the best derby game of all time. So what do you choose? One of the best derby games of all time or win 6-0?”

Fergie also hailed match-winner Michael Owen who came on to replace Dimitar Berbatov.

“To be fair to him we have noticed in the last two weeks he has adjusted to the training, he has become sharper, his focus is really good in terms of the intensity of the training and he has got better and better,” he added.

“Even when he came on, on Tuesday night over in Besiktas he showed that sharpness and we said we were going to have to give him game time because he has been very, very sharp in training.

“But I just felt the game was going to be in their box in the last 20 minutes, you could just sense that, and there is no one better than Michael Owen.”