Ferrara ready for Juventus job

Ferrara has been in charge og Juventus’ youth team since 2006.

“The important thing is to get the players showing pride again – not much needs to be done to turn things around,” Ferrara said.

“It only takes a few small things to get into or out of a crisis. I don’t think the physical side is the problem.

“It’s right to look to the past, but we must remember that Juve have had to change over the last three years. However, we know that the Bianconeri need to play in the Champions League without having to play preliminaries.

“I spoke to the directors yesterday and I hope to be useful. Given my recent history in this shirt I have no doubt I can succeed.

“I have made no requests and I am completely ready to help the club as I have been since 1994. It’s obvious that this is an enormously emotional moment.

“I want to be judged on what I do and my own abilities. I am not scared of putting myself out there, but it’s clear that I need time to do things on a tactical and technical level.

“As for the national side, rest assured I will be available to Lippi from June 2. For now I am in charge of Juve for 15 days and then we will see.”