Fletcher’s red card will stand

Referee Roberto Rosetti sent off Fletcher after a challenge on Cesc Fabregas, but replays show that there is no doubt that the Scottish midfielder got the ball.

Uefa head of communications Rob Faulkner said: “Manchester United have the right to file a protest within 24 hours of the match, however a protest against a caution or sending off is only admissible if the referee’s error was to mistake the identity of the player.”

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson said: “He’s (Fletcher) disappointed and he should be disappointed. He’s one of the most honest players in the game and to miss the final, it’s a tragedy. He was distraught.

“In respect to the referee in this situation he might look at it himself without anyone asking him.

“We shouldn’t ask him. He’s competent and fair enough to look at it himself possibly. Apparently, you can’t appeal and if that’s the case it’s disappointing for the boy.”