Former Arsenal hero Jensen not surprised with Agger’s Liverpool success

Jensen told “I am not surprised [by Agger’s success]. I have seen his qualities when I was a coach at Brondby.

“He has a winning mentality – he always wants to get better and become more focused. He is like a boxer, and if he falls, he will be right back up. I have seen it for myself. Once again, that is thanks to his strong psyche and his mentality.

“He can go far with such talent – how far is completely up to him.”

He added: “It’s not a secret that Agger’s right foot is not as good as his left but I know how hard he works to improve and you can already see the results.

“If someone tells him that he needs some time to adjust before he can play, he will do everything in his power to prove them wrong.

“Agger has got some good qualities. He is very good at starting an attack from a defensive position, which is very rare in English football.

“He also knows how to position himself in relation to the other players.”