Gallas: I want to win things with Arsenal

Gallas returned from a long-term injury last week, in the match against Blackburn.

He said: “Initially, it seemed I would be out for a month or six weeks but it took longer. I don’t know why. It was not easy for me. I spoke with the boss and he told me to be patient but I’m not a patient person.

“All the players helped me. Every day they were coming up to me and encouraging me. I was so happy. It is a nice club.

“I became very down during the injury. It was the most frustrating spell of my career. Now, I can forget about all of that. I want to win things with Arsenal.

“The team played very well while I was away. They are young but have a lot of quality. Everyone sees that. I have to congratulate the players for what they did.

“We are still in the FA Cup, Champions League and the Carling Cup. You never know. We could win everything.

“I certainly believe we could at least get to the final of both the FA Cup and the Champions League. We have that quality to win everything.”