Gerrard: Liverpool will become respected again

Gerrard told the Sunday Mirror: “They said they are going to turn Liverpool into the biggest club in the world.

“I think people have been a bit disrespectful to Liverpool over the last few years, but I can tell you that is going to change now that the takeover has been completed.

“The spotlight always seems to be on the so-called big two or three clubs. Because of the money they’ve got, it’s always about Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal,” he explained.

“As captain of Liverpool and a supporter all my life, that absolutely kills me because the fact is that we are the most successful club that this country has ever seen.

“I believe that we are still the best club in the land and, with a bit of help from our new owners, there will come a time again when everyone outside Liverpool understands that as well.

“Turning Liverpool into the biggest club in the world is a massive thing to promise on day one, but they were 100% certain that we will be the biggest and best.

“That means making this club serious contenders for the Premiership and Champions League year after year. They want to make Liverpool number one.”