Giggs urges Man Utd: Ignore all the media hype

Giggs wrote in a column for “At this stage of the run-in, obviously you need to perform, but that can mean ‘backs-to-the-wall’ defending to stay in a game or protect a lead, or creating chances to win it with our attacking football.

“One thing I’ve learned down the years is to block out all the hype that surrounds the title race. You have to be mentally strong and not take in what opposition managers and players say or what journalists are writing in the newspapers.

“It’s part of football that becomes easier to deal with the older and more experienced you get. As one of the senior players in the squad I try and pass that on to the younger lads if I can.

“But the whole set-up here is excellent, the manager and the coaching staff know exactly how to prepare you for the crucial games. It’s really a case of staying focused – not on what other teams can do to lose the title, but what we can do to win it.”