Grip: England needs Beckham

Grip told The Sun: “You cannot build for the future if you’re losing matches – and you can’t afford to lose matches now.

“I think you should always pick your best players, whether you’re building for the future or not.

“And Beckham was in really excellent form for Real Madrid against Bayern Munich.

“I don’t know what Steve is planning to do but if Beckham continues to play like he did against Bayern, then it shows what an excellent player he still is.

“David did really well for us over the years and he is still excellent. He has shown that lately. This season he also behaved so professionally when he wasn’t picked by England or Real.

“He looks fresh because he hasn’t played that much, while the England players based in the Premiership get really tired at this time of year.”

Grip added: “I’d love to know how many games Terry has played in the last three or four years because he seems to play in just about every match.

“He plays in two domestic cup competitions, plus the Premiership and the Champions League – then he is expected to do it for England too.

“It is the same with Frank Lampard – how many matches must they play without a break?”