Guti: Barca match will be emotional

Guti said: “Sunday’s match against Barcelona may be important on an emotional front but it’s far from definitive. We’ll try and do our best to win, as we always do, because we’re playing in front of our fans at the Bernabéu and because of last year’s events.”

“We need to approach every match as a new challenge to be met, be it against Barcelona or any other team you could name.

“Both teams are well-matched this year, they’re reigning champions and have been playing well for a couple of years and we’ve got new faces who want to show themselves in one of the most high-profile matches we play, so it’ll be interesting.”

“There’s also our new Coach, whose record speaks for itself, and so we all, together, are raring to put things together in the right way and start to show just what this new Real Madrid can do in the Liga.

“After three years a win on Sunday would be a great way to announce a new series of triumphs, but, as I said, it’s not the be-all or the end-all.”