Hamilton whiz McCarthy in no rush to join Liverpool

The 16 year-old is wanted by Liverpool, Celtic and Chelsea.

He told the Daily Record: “Liverpool was great. The training facilities were fantastic and I got to play in a bounce game as well as meet a few of the first-team players.

“Steven Gerrard, Peter Crouch and a lot of others were very friendly.

“Gerrard is one of my favourites but thankfully I hadn’t been likened to him at the stage I met him – that could have been embarrassing.

“It’s good to get comparisons with someone such as Gerrard but I don’t pay too much attention. I will have to work hard to be anything like him.

“But I am really enjoying being at Hamilton. I think I’ll be here for the rest of the season. At least I hope I will because I’ll continue to develop here.”