Heinze happy at Marseille

The 31-year-old joined the French side in a surprise move from Spanish giants Real Madrid.

“I am settling well in this magnificent club, the fans here are making my life easy, they are one of the best supporters in the world,” he told Sky Sports.

“Our team is finding their feet as well, that will help us push on all fronts.”

“We started badly in the Champions League but it was against one of the best teams in the world,” he added.

“Milan is a potential winner of the Champions League they have so many champions in their rank, they showed us their experience, but we did well we were not outclassed by them but we need to win the next game.

“Real have spent money on quality players, (Cristiano) Ronaldo is my friend and he is a good player, I know they will be very strong this season, they will be close in the Champions League.

“The English clubs will be there, the four are very strong, but Barcelona and Real will test them again, the surprise can be Marseille, I hope.”