Hendrie determined to fight

Hendrie told Sky Sports: “It’s a big change for me. I wanted to come out and play football to be honest. Last season was probably my lowest. I wasn’t getting a game, I wasn’t getting in the team. It was one of those things.

“I’m desperate to play football and that was one of the key factors in why I wanted to get away. I want to try and get my confidence back up and, hopefully, go back there with a smile on my face and see if it gives me a chance again.

“He (O’Neill) gave most people a chance and he spoke to me and said he wants me to be part of his plans. I said is there any chance I can go out and get a few games. He said it will do me good.

“He hopes I come back and get involved in the team. I want to prove to myself that I can get back to the way I was. This is a stepping stone to me getting my career back on track really. I really want to come and play football.”