Hicks looking to reduce Liverpool debts

Hicks believes rivals Manchester City will have to curb their massive transfer spending.

“It’s not sustainable at City, they won’t continue to invest like that as it doesn’t make good economic sense,” Hicks said.

“Hopefully they will make the improvements they need to make and then run it more like a business. The smart clubs operate for the long term and you must look at who have had success for many years.”

“You have to look at cash flow rather than accounting and we intend to operate Liverpool where it has a very strong positive cash flow so we have the resources to be as competitive as possible on the pitch. That’s our commitment,” Hicks added.

“We had strong, positive cash flows last year. Our debt levels are at a very comfortable level and we are going to continue bringing it down.

“Our goal is to have less debt than any of the top clubs and that’s a commitment we have made and will continue to make.”